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Read Check is a free multipurpose data analyzer. It scans whole files to determine if there are any read errors. In addition, Read Check can compare files content for finding any incorrections. Files that are partially damaged and cannot be copied with standard programs, can be copied with Read Check recovery module.


To analyze read errors of one file:
First, go to file read analyzer dialog by clicking 'Read File Check' button. Next, select a file to analyze. 'Read Check' button begins analization process. When the process is finished, the results will be displayed in the grid window.

To analyze read errors of all drive/partition files:
First, go to drive read analyzer dialog by clicking 'Read Drive Check' button. Next, select a drive to analyze. 'Read Check' button begins analization process. When the process is finished, the results will be displayed in the grid window.

To check file integrity by comparing its content:
Go to Compare File dialog by clicking 'Compare Files' button. Next, select both files (first and second). Clicking 'Compare' button begins analization process. When the process is finished, control sums of both files are displayed and a notice if files are the same or not.

To recover a unreadable (uncopyable) file:
Go to file recovery dialog by clicking 'Copy Unreadable File' button. Select a unreadable file by clicking 'Browse' next to 'Source file' field. Enter destination path and filename by clicking 'Browse' next to 'Destination name' field. Click 'Copy file' to begin the process. The process is slow, so wait patiently. After process is finished, results are displayed in the grid. The results are the amount of bytes recovered/not recovered from damaged file.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: detect read error   compare files   Data Analyzer   read error   analyzer   detect  

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